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Guide For International Call

Osaka International Call "KITA": KITA is one of the oldest existing international discount call service in Japan since 2000. Using legacy "switching" technoligy, we offer you "High quality" but "discounted rate like IP phone" service.

Osaka International Call "IDD": IDD is an International Direct Dial service like "010", realized by newer technoligy. Using same line as "Kita", and offer 010 quality at discount price. IDD also usable as domestic prepaid phone card.


  • Special point for KITA
    • Even if you suspend international call from your line via your carrier, you can call internationally, as Kita use domestic fixed line number as access point.
    • You can stop your friends using your phone for international call without permission.
  • Common special point for KITA & IDD
    • HIgh quality switching line. NO-IP line. 010 quality.
    • High quality suitable to send international FAX!
    • If your line quality is not enough, we will check and repair line.
    • NO scratch card for cutting cost.

Difference between IDD & KITA


"END to END" rate.

No need for paying domestic charge separately.

"Access Point to END" rate.

Please burden JP domestic phone charge.

Unified account

You can register up to 3 lines to one account.

If make call using PIN, you can use unlimited lines.

Make a call from one registered line only.
Charging unit

Every 6 sec for the first 1 min.

Every minute after 1 min.

Every 6 sec.
How to make a call 0066405+Country code + Area Code +your callling number

Dial up our AP at 03, 052, 06.

Please follow guidance.

Public Phone Usable for call n/a
Suitable for... Most of the person in Japan

You do not want to permit others using phone line w/o your permission.

You want to suspend international call to prevent others make international call.

You have already suspended international phone call from your phone.

You can dial up to our AP at 03, 052, 06 at inside city rate.

You can't use up all the free minutes of your mobile.

Using NTT-FLETS cervice for "Hikari Denwa" service.



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